‘It’s a Vision Thing’ by Robert Jarman, Founder and Editor

The Vintage Magazine is unashamedly aimed at the active and affluent, who intend making the most of their later years, and have the resources to do so.

The Vintage Magazine will be a very exclusive, but, I hope, enjoyable Club where ideas and information flow freely, and like-minded people can share their knowledge and experiences.

The Vintage Magazine is for those people who feel they have saved the best for last.

Many of The Vintage Magazine’s target membership have worked hard all their lives to get where they are now, and they want to extract every minute of enjoyment and fun out of their informed years, which is what we are here to help them achieve.

This is what we know about the more senior members or our great country:

  • They are 20 million strong and growing fast.
  • They hold 80% of the UK’s wealth.
  • They spend twice as much on leisure and entertainment as the under 30s.
  • They are responsible for 40% (£260bn) of UK consumer spending.
  • They are expecting to continue their current quality of life as they age.
  • They get less than 10% of marketing spend targeted at them.

The Vintage Magazine is aims to help people who have the desire and the resources to make the most of their lives, by focusing on their remaining ambitions, and their passions, interests, sports and activities.

The Vintage Magazine

We want members who want to live life to the full, and are ready, willing, and able to do so.

The Vintage Magazine’s mission is to find and present interesting opportunities to our members, preferably things they may not have considered before, and to bring them privileged information, and preferential entry into whatever worlds interest them.

This may involve The Vintage Magazine introducing its members to specialist holidays and travel, recommending the best hotels and restaurants, worldwide, and inviting them to exclusive Private Viewings, and Previews of Exhibitions and Fine Art and Antiques Fairs, etc.

The Vintage Magazine will suggest different modes of transport including sailing and flying, but also in yacht charters, and private air travel, which can be better value than you might imagine.

The Vintage Magazine will arrange exclusive access to places and events which are just not open to the public, and obtain considerable discounts on products and services which we recommend, including at some of the most exclusive hotels, restaurants, and clubs.

The Vintage Magazine will recommend sports and pastimes which our members might never have considered, such as Helicopter skiing in the Rockies or the Bugaboos, where you can ski in the best snow conditions to be found anywhere.

The Vintage Magazine will offer our members help and advice on all the practical matters like looking after their families, their properties and investments, but most importantly, their health, without which, all options and choices are limited.

We want The Vintage Magazine to be the best private club to which you could imagine belonging, but with many more benefits and advantages.

Robert Jarman Founder and Editor

Robert Jarman – Founder and Editor













Robert Jarman, Founder and Editor