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It is generally acknowledged that some of the very finest Chess Sets ever made, were those made by Jaques of London and of these, the ‘crème de la crème’, and therefore very rare, are the Deluxe Club Chess sets containing a set of Staunton Ivory Chessmen.  In fact we can confidently state that to the best of our knowledge there is not another one of the same quality for sale anywhere in the world at present.  Our assessment of its rarity and value is supported by the Certificate of Authenticity issued by Joe Jaques, of Jaques of London (see this certificate, reproduced at the end of this presentation)

According to an advertisement in the Illustrated London News dated September 8, 1849, the first Jaques Staunton pattern sets were available in the finest African ivory (5 guineas)”. We can date this set to circa 1852 so it is a rare survivor and in excellent condition, considering its age.

Spanish Mahogany Brass Bound edges chess Staunton set box by J. Jaques of London

This superb set of vintage Staunton Chessmen is contained within a Spanish Mahogany box with brass bound round edges, brass campaign handles and brass inlaid cartouche to lid and lock signed, BRAMAH with its original key.

Detail of campaign handles on mahogany brass bound chess set box by Jaques containing Staunton Chessmen

The interior is lined with dark blue velvet and each set of chessmen are fitted into two ‘lift-out’ velvet plush lined trays.

White ivory Staunton chessmen in specially made blue velvet plush lined tray

The quality of this box is such that it was probably made by one of the leading retailers in London, such as Aspreys.

Red label affixed to inside of mahogany brass bound Jaques chess set box

Affixed to the inside of the leather lined lid is a red label which reads as follows:-


Registered No. 58,607  5&6 Vict. Cap. 100


Entered No. 3255

H. Staunton


N.B. the H. Staunton signature at this date is a facsimile and not hand signed.

Red labels were numbered from 3000 to 3999 and used between the dates 1852 to 1856 from which we can date this set.

The Jaques Staunton Chessmen conform to all the features one would expect to find on pieces of this date which are as follows:-

The King’s crosses are removable.

The knights are in two pieces so that the head and the base are screwed together.

White chess pieces, King, Knight and Castle showing symbol of a king's crown

The symbol of a king’s crown is affixed to the summits of the kingside rooks and knights.    (Jacques were the first chess set manufacturer to do this)

Base of white ivory Staunton King showing green registration label and imprint JAQUES LONDON

Jaques London is imprinted on the base of the underside of the white king (after 1890 it is also imprinted on the red king) therefore dating this set to pre-1890 i.e Circa 1852.

Each chessman in a Jaques set, sold during the first three years of production had a small green paper disc affixed to the base of the pieces. (The majority of these pieces still have their green label)

This disc bore a registration mark consisting of a small diamond which identified the day, month and year the design was registered, the class and a parcel number.

The height of the King: 4⅜  inches

Dimensions of mahogany box: 14 x 10 x 6 inches
In conclusion it is worth mentioning that there is an international network of chess collectors who tend to pass sets between themselves so the best sets are rarely available on the open market and are rarely seen at auction.

Price: SOLD


For more information as to how to view this exceptional Chess Set, please contact Robert Jarman at or telephone +00 44 (0) 1962 793134


N.B. This rare Chess Set has been appraised by Jaques of London and Mr. Joe Jaques has issued this Certificate of Authenticity and Valuation :-

Jaques Certificate of Authenticity


Important Notice on the export of antique elephant ivory (CITES) Please note that as the chess set contains antique elephant ivory it will require a CITES export licence to export to destinations outside the European Union. Due to recent US legislation, it is with regret that we are unable to export this item to the United States of America.


Further images of the Deluxe club Staunton Chess Set by J. Jaques, London:–


Bramah lock and original key

Red Staunton Chessmen in their taylor made blue plush velvet tray


Chrissy Jarman Features Editor of The Vintage Magazine


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