The Vintage Magazine is delighted to have been introduced to Claudia Morris, a new discovery for us but a lady who has firmly established herself on the tour circuit and we would love to bring her talent to a wider audience.  To whet your appetite, we have 10 copies of her latest album, Secret Love, to give away on a first come, first serve basis and then we would suggest you visit her website and book to see her forthcoming tour which starts on Friday 13th February at Millfield Arts Centre, Edmonton.

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Robert Jarman remembers when Rock legends played to a select audience

In September 1993 an extraordinary concert took place in the grounds of Cowdray Castle, by kind permission of Lord Cowdray, and for this unique event, the astonishing line-up of Rock Aristocracy took the name of ‘The Ruins Band’ for one night only, and what a night it was!

It was certainly one of the best concerts which I have ever attended, and the line-up included the three remaining members of Queen (Freddie Mercury having recently departed this world); Genesis, with Phil Collins, and Paul Young of Mike & the Mechanics, performing some of the vocals, Pink Floyd, minus Roger Waters, and the great Eric Clapton.

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Cowdary Park The Ruins Band Ticket 1993

The opera is based on the well known story of the Minotaur kept in the labyrinth in Crete, who is sent a cargo of innocents from Athens as an annual sacrifice, and is slain by Theseus. The monster’s half sister Ariadne helps Theseus by giving him a ball of twine so that he can find his way out of the labyrinth, on the understanding that he will then take her back to Greece to become his wife.

The opera had its premiere at the Royal Opera House in 2008.

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Christine Rice as Ariadne in The Minataur