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Very Large Ceiling Mobile By Manuel Marin 5 metres by 3 metres

Hanging Mobile by Manuel Marin measuring an impressive 5 metres x 2.5 metres

Manuel Marin Mobiles have been setting record prices at Auction, as demand continues to increase for the work of this iconic Spanish Sculptor,

Most  hanging mobiles by Manuel Marin Mobile measure between 1 metre and 1.5 metres, but an exceptionally large one is for sale through Objects of Desire in association with The Vintage Magazine. This magnificent example of Manuel Marin’s mobiles measures an impressive 5 metres by 2.5 metres.

This represents a unique opportunity to acquire a most stunning piece of mobile sculpture by Manuel Marin.

Price: £35,000


Here are examples of pieces sold at Auction at Christies South Kensington, London in 2016 and 2017 which clearly indicate the increase in interest in Manuel Marin mobiles represented by the actual prices achieved against the estimated values.

Interiors Sale, lot 492 on 23rd November 2016  – a Ceiling Mobile measuring 76.3 cms x 152.4 cms was estimated to achieve £2,000-£3,000 but realised £15,000

Interiors Sale, lot 267 on 12th April 2016  – a Ceiling Mobile measuring 99 cms x 128.3 cms was estimated to achieve £2,000-£3,000 but realised £7,500

Interiors Sale, lot 279 on 19th July 2017  – a Ceiling Mobile measuring 109.3 cms x 132.2 cms was estimated to achieve £3,000-£5,000 but realised £10,625

Interiors Sale, lot 280 on 19th July 2017  – a Stabile (Floor Standing) Mobile measuring 47 cms x 99 cms was estimated to achieve £2,000-£4,000 but realised £12,500

Contact Robert Jarman – robert.jarman@objectsofdesirecollection.com</a

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It is generally acknowledged that some of the very finest Chess Sets ever made, were those made by Jaques of London and of these, the ‘crème de la crème’, and therefore very rare, are the Deluxe Club Chess sets containing a set of Staunton Ivory Chessmen.  In fact we can confidently state that to the best of our knowledge there is not another one of the same quality for sale anywhere in the world at present.  Our assessment of its rarity and value is supported by the Certificate of Authenticity issued by Joe Jaques, of Jaques of London (see this certificate, reproduced at the end of this presentation)

According to an advertisement in the Illustrated London News dated September 8, 1849, the first Jaques Staunton pattern sets were available in the finest African ivory (5 guineas)”. We can date this set to circa 1852 so it is a rare survivor and in excellent condition, considering its age.

Spanish Mahogany Brass Bound edges chess Staunton set box by J. Jaques of London
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Objects of Desire Platinum Breguet Watch Vizagapatam Chess Set Elizabethan Tigerware Jug Georgian Silver Wine Cooler Baetens Timepiece

Objects of Desire’ has just celebrated its 10th Anniversary as an independent broker of fine art and antiques, including antique clocks and vintage watches.  We are delighted to be offering the following items which may solve that old problem of what to buy for the person who has everything:-.

A rare Platinum watch with ‘Tourbillon’, by Breguet – SOLD

A Vizagapatam Ivory and Horn Chess and Backgammon Set SOLD

A rare 18th century Table Wine Cooler in solid silver

A very rare Elizabethan ‘Tigerware’ Jug Circa 1580 – SOLD

A superb and rare Victorian cast silver gilt Stirrup Cup circa 1871

A Regency Ormolu and Patinated Bronze Mantel Clock by F. Baetens

We will be pleased to show these items to you by arrangement and to answer any questions you may have about their origins, condition and provenance.  Please contact Robert Jarman on robert.jarman@objectsofdesirecollection.co.uk

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I started ‘OBJECTS OF DESIRE’ ten years ago this summer, as a brokerage offering clients the opportunity to buy and/or sell works of art privately, and to accept commissions to find works by specific artists, and during that time we are delighted to have bought, and/or sold, many works of Art for our clients.

So, we thought it would be fun to mark this Anniversary by recalling various amusing stories about specific deals, without divulging the identity of the clients, so here are some ‘Tales of Sales’.

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Manuel Marin was born in 1942 in Cieza, Murcia, Spain.

Aged 10 years old he developed a passion for bull fighting, and at 16 fought his first bull fight.  He fought with many of the great bullfighters of that period including: Chicuelo Segundo, Pedras Montero, as well as Miguel Mateo (‘Miguelin), Jamie Ostos and Manuel Benitez, better known as ‘El Cordobes’.

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Manuel Marin Sculpture Mobiles

David Williams-Ellis is one of the world’s leading figurative sculptors, whose unique life size, portrait, bird and animal sculptures are cast in bronze, silver and glass.

David’s work has earned him international recognition and acclaim. He has worked on a number of prestigious commissions, both private and public, and his work is exhibited and collected worldwide.

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David Williams-Ellis Silver Salmon

Objects of Desire is a Brokerage for individuals wishing to sell or purchase the finest paintings and other Works of Art privately.  We offer a personal and discreet service to both vendors and collectors wishing to avoid the high costs and unwanted publicity associated with Auction Houses.  We also pride ourselves on being able to find and acquire Works of Art that may not otherwise be available.

Please contact; Robert Jarman on +00 44 1962 793134 or email: robert.jarman@objectsofdesirecollection.co.uk
email: robertjarman@thevintagemagazine.com


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