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Cowdray House at Midhurst West Sussex

We were recently invited by The Stafford London and Cowdray to attend a two day event at Cowdray Park and to stay for the night at Cowdray House, so that we could witness the style in which future clients of this new venue will be treated, and I can confirm that the answer is ‘very well’ indeed!

The future of Cowdray House has been secured by Lord Cowdray by utilising this imposing family home as an exclusive event venue, catering for such things as weddings, and other family celebrations, and corporate events, such as conferences and product launches etc.

The advantage of this solution is that the Cowdray family retain ownership of the property, but are able to rely on their very able management team to maintain and manage the buildings and grounds.

Overseen by Chief Executive, Jonathan Russell, this has happily resulted in a ‘Virtuous Circle’ – a recurring cycle of events, the result of each one being to increase the beneficial effect of the next!

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Teltos Quartz supplied by Landford Stone Salisbury Wiltshire




Upon visiting Landford Stone it soon becomes apparent that this modest business situated in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside has ambitions far bigger than the granite and marble slabs that adorned the outdoor showroom.

As you gaze in wonder at their colossal library of stone you’d be forgiven in thinking that choosing the right stone would be anything but easy –  but as it turns out it is. Their incredible Teltos Select Range – which is their biggest seller in Quartz and backed by a 15 year warranty – has colours selected by kitchen companies from around the South. Teltos Quartz was introduced two years ago and has been more successful than Landford Stone could have ever imagined. It’s fast becoming a well known Quartz brand rivalling the monoliths of Silestone and Caesarstone. Working directly with the Teltos factory has also meant Landford Stone have been able to offer great price savings too.






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New colours French Grey and Winter White give a softer look than the Graphite and White previously available from this Queen of Couture Linen, Bella Notte.  Hailing from San Francisco, these linens are spectacularly well made and will last a lifetime if given the correct treatment, moreover they are easy care so you can put away the spray starch and iron because these are meant to look relaxed and gently crumpled, inviting you to cosy up amongst the cushions.

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Summers Place Auctions’ combined Garden Statuary and Natural History Autumn sale took place in Billingshurst, West Sussex on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 and saw contemporary sculpture doing particularly well.

Among the more traditional lots, a rare Coadestone armorial for the Founders Company, stamped “Coade and Sealy, Lambeth, 1800” sold for £7,500. It was most probably removed from the facade of the Founders Hall in London, and we are pleased to announce that it has been bought by the Founders Company to return to their London hall.

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‘Architectural Heritage’ – I remember as a young lad the kitchen table discussion about a name for the new company.  Some 40 years later and now well into its second generation, the company still has the energy, ambition and vibrant diversity of stock that made it such a success from the very first day.

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Camden Lock is now famous for its market – the fourth most popular London visitors’ attraction, counting about 100,000 visitors each weekend – but it used to be known for the Pickford horse stables and horse hospital until the Regent’s Canal was no longer used to transport goods on barges in the early 1970s.

To commemorate the origins of the market, the owners commissioned a number of bronzes, mainly depicting horses and those working with them, to be installed around the market and in the market halls in the 1990s. Some of these life-sized bronzes will now be sold at auction in Summers Place Auction’s Sculpture and Design for the House and Garden live sale on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (and some in the sealed bid sale closing on the 22nd).

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The recent reports of the Madagascar pochard on the brink of extinction makes this anniversary even more poignant. The 1st September 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Martha, the Passenger Pigeon, and the extinction of her entire species.You may not even have heard of Passenger Pigeons, but they once made up about 40% of the North American bird population and may even have been the most numerous bird species on the planet. It is probably unimaginable to us, that a bird which is now completely extinct, existed in billions upon billions at the start of the nineteenth century. It’s been recorded that flocks were so large and dense they blackened skies and blotted out the sun. Yet, by 1909, there were only two of them left and both were in captivity.

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Summers Place Auctions Passsenger Pigeon

It was a July morning, and the first thing that I saw,

was an Audi R8 ‘Spyder’ convertible

delivered right outside my door

(with apologies to Joni Mitchell and ‘Chelsea Morning’)

We had been looking forward to this moment, having road tested several cars in the Audi range, and been suitably impressed by them, but this was the José Mourinho of the automotive world; this was ‘The Special One’!

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I am delighted to welcome Tricklebank Limited, and its Chairman, Martin Silcock as a new Business Member of The Vintage Magazine, not least because we have been looking for a quality, bespoke builder to advise our readers on renovation and restoration of existing buildings, and the demolition, and replacement of an existing building with a new one, and finally, ‘new build’ projects on suitable sites.

As we age, so our requirements for housing differ, but generally it is for specially designed homes for our retirement.  This could be on an existing plot or a new build on which planning consent can be obtained for our dream retirement home. Read more…

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Also being offered in the sealed bid sale is one man’s entire collection of garden-related objects in one single lot.

A collection that has been amassed over 100 years by three generations of the Crowther Family, who are synonymous with the production of leadwork, will be offered at Summers Place Auctions, Billingshurst, West Sussex in their biannual sale of Sculpture and Design for the House and Garden on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

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The Crowther Collection of Lead Garden Statuary