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Teltos Quartz supplied by Landford Stone Salisbury Wiltshire




Upon visiting Landford Stone it soon becomes apparent that this modest business situated in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside has ambitions far bigger than the granite and marble slabs that adorned the outdoor showroom.

As you gaze in wonder at their colossal library of stone you’d be forgiven in thinking that choosing the right stone would be anything but easy –  but as it turns out it is. Their incredible Teltos Select Range – which is their biggest seller in Quartz and backed by a 15 year warranty – has colours selected by kitchen companies from around the South. Teltos Quartz was introduced two years ago and has been more successful than Landford Stone could have ever imagined. It’s fast becoming a well known Quartz brand rivalling the monoliths of Silestone and Caesarstone. Working directly with the Teltos factory has also meant Landford Stone have been able to offer great price savings too.






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New colours French Grey and Winter White give a softer look than the Graphite and White previously available from this Queen of Couture Linen, Bella Notte.  Hailing from San Francisco, these linens are spectacularly well made and will last a lifetime if given the correct treatment, moreover they are easy care so you can put away the spray starch and iron because these are meant to look relaxed and gently crumpled, inviting you to cosy up amongst the cushions.

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Landford Stone is a family run company whose directors have worked within the industry for over 40 years. Their ethos is “Quality and Service” and there are currently three generations of the family working in their Wiltshire factory along with 30 skilled employees, many of whom have been with the company for many years.

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Landford Stone Pools

In my constant search for beautiful and unusual fabrics I came across Inchyra Linens.  Of course I know there is nothing unusual in linens as such, but these linens have been given a treatment so they appear to be instantly aged, thus taking on the look and feel they would normally only achieve after years of wear and washing.

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Inchyra Linens at Decorex

An appreciation by Jane McIntyre:-

As a designer I have always remained stoically faithful to my deep passion for all kinds of natural stone, be it for interior or exterior it is an ageless and elegant answer to so many spaces.  In the heady days of corian work tops and sinks I stubbornly used granite in all it’s myriad colours.  Prior to that, when the world was in love with pine kitchens, I took seconds of travertine  and marble to make my own designs for tops, bashing them up and sticking them into a mix of sand, colour pigment and tile adhesive – more off the wall than actual mosaic but a style that offered endless opportunities.  Latterly I have become more adventurous, creating whole bathrooms from marble and can only ever contemplate granite for any of my own kitchens.  So it’s with great delight that I can share with you the joys of working with that doyenne of stone and all it’s counterparts, Molly Fisher of Landford Stone.

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Molly Fisher of Landford Stone

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Jane McIntyre as the Interior Design Editor of The Vintage Magazine.

Jane is perhaps best-known known locally for her inspirational design of the Stanwell House Hotel in Lymington which she transformed from a bland, uninspiring establishment to a cosmopolitan hot spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Jane has recently opened a Lifestyle atelier on Winchester’s Southgate Street.

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Jane McIntyre Logo and Portrairt

One of Vermeer’s most celebrated paintings is being beautifully and sensitively illuminated using the new ArtLED lighting fitting designed and manufactured by the Light Projects Group.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ is an oil on canvass painting 44.5cm x 39cm and painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665 – 1667.  The lighting designers approached Light Projects to supply suitable lighting to carefully illuminate such a piece and the ArtLED was recommended as being most suitable
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Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring

de Gournay specialises in creating exquisite hand painted wallpaper, fabrics, porcelain and hand carved furniture.

Since 1986 de Gournay has revived ancient traditions, continuing techniques that began in the 17th century by employing a team of highly skilled artists to paint traditional Chinoiserie, Japanese and Korean and 19th century French Papiers Peints Panoramiques wallpapers. To complement the wallpapers, de Gournay’s artists also hand paint silk fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings. Read more…

Fishes from the Japanese and Korean Collection