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Camden Lock is now famous for its market – the fourth most popular London visitors’ attraction, counting about 100,000 visitors each weekend – but it used to be known for the Pickford horse stables and horse hospital until the Regent’s Canal was no longer used to transport goods on barges in the early 1970s.

To commemorate the origins of the market, the owners commissioned a number of bronzes, mainly depicting horses and those working with them, to be installed around the market and in the market halls in the 1990s. Some of these life-sized bronzes will now be sold at auction in Summers Place Auction’s Sculpture and Design for the House and Garden live sale on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (and some in the sealed bid sale closing on the 22nd).

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Please read about this talented Artist Blacksmith in the House and Garden Section under Landscape Architecture.

An old adage says– ‘with an anvil and a hammer, a blacksmith can make everything he needs.  Then he makes everything everyone else needs.’
For the traditional blacksmith this still holds true, but there is a new breed who strive to develop the craft beyond the purely utilitarian.
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Charles Normandale

Taylor Tripp specialise in landscape design and management for the owners of private residential country properties throughout the United Kingdom, and abroad.  They adopt a classical approach and style to landscape design.

Projects range in size and complexity from small country gardens to much larger landscapes.  They regard every project they are entrusted with as unique and value long term relationships with their clients. Read more…

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