‘I suppose society is wonderfully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy’.  Oscar Wilde

There is no better way to arrive at one of the events that make-up the English social Season than by helicopter.  It avoids the need to leave home two hours earlier than you should have to, just to avoid the traffic jams, and enables you to arrive at your destination looking well groomed and relaxed, although ladies are advised to wait until the rotor blades have come to a standstill if they do not want to have that famous ‘Bridget Jones’ convertible car look!

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Agusta 109 outside Goodwood House

Whilst researching all the various companies which are based at Goodwood, I came across Elite Helicopters, who are based at Goodwood Aerodrome, and provide an excellent service anywhere in Britain, and Western Europe.

Clients use them for business, because over shorter distances (say up to 100 miles) Helicopters are the most efficient way of getting there, but many people now use them for leisure, including getting to Shoots, going Skiing, and taking them to holiday destinations, so the range  of uses has increased, with the added bonus that they save so much time.
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Fleet of Helicopters

The sell-out 2012 Goodwood Revival achieved a record 146,000 attendees over the three day event (14th-16th September) in glorious Autumn sunshine.  Motor sport enthusiasts and retro-fashion fans flocked to Goodwood  to join in the fun and celebrations at the world’s largest historic motor race meeting, firmly establishing the Revival as the ‘must attend’ event of the year.
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AC Cobras credit Giles Babbidge