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Jessica Russell Flint


The name of William Russell Flint has acquired iconic status in the Art world as a talented artist who is, perhaps unfairly, best known for painting semi naked ladies in classical poses, which were immensely sought-after, and  acquired ‘cult  status’ in his lifetime, so much so that he was Knighted for his efforts.

His son, Francis was also an accomplished artist, but preferred striking Architecture and superb landscapes, although he could paint portraits if needed, and he was also commissioned to paint Warships in action in the Second World War, and sail training ships like the Sir Winston Churchill.

However, by the time the artistic genes had been passed on to Sir William’s Grandson, Simon, they were not as powerful, and after ‘dabbling’ in the art world for a while, he made the very sensible decision to become a criminal Barrister, and his meteoric career has fully justified this decision, and he was made Queen’s Council in 2004.

He married his childhood sweetheart, the impossibly beautiful Jaqi Verden, who resembled one of William Russell Flint’s models.  Jaqi went to Art School, and designed highly individual leather clothing, which she sold to Harrods and many other London stores.

Jaqi brought her own talents to the Russell Flint artistic dynasty, and she and Simon produced a daughter, Jessica and a son, Freddie.

Jessica definitely inherited her Mother’s artistic legacy and has created the foundations of fashion empire under her own name, designing an impressive range of distinctive clothes and accessories, which are fast becoming a powerful new international brand in this highly competitive market.

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One of the joys of shopping in a cathedral city like Winchester is the abundance of independent shops, restaurants, cafes and bars run mostly by the owners, so that you develop a close relationship with them and in many cases you become friends as well as customers. I also have huge sympathy for the independent retailer battling against all the problems which confront them, such as avaricious landlords, unpredictable bankers, VAT inspections,the cost of staff, and the problems of physically getting customers to your shop despite the difficulties of ‘one-way’ systems, restrictions on parking, and the vicissitudes of the English climate.

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Winchester Cathedral

Cadogan & Company is situated in the middle of the prettiest street in Winchester, The Square, which runs parallel with the High Street and the Cathedral grounds.

Cadogan has been owned and run by Alex Edwards for over twenty years, and is still one of the most popular shops in Winchester, combining highly personal service with a huge range of quality clothing brands. Read more…

Exterior of Cadogan & Co with Summer Hanging Baskets