Followers and non followers alike of classic yachts have a special place in their hearts for the mighty J Class. The history and romance of their original era from 1929-1937 and their use by wealthy egotistical men on both sides of the Atlantic, in the pursuit of the most iconic and desired sporting trophy in the world, The Americas Cup, is well known and well documented.  Shamrock, Endeavour, Enterprise, Ranger, Rainbow are names that immediately conjure up images of yachts with such grace, beauty and power, that for many they remain unsurpassed in yacht design and aesthetic. Many a bedroom, study, boardroom and yacht club wall is adorned with fabulous images from the contests between these Leviathans.

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5 Js Battling for start line advantage

One of the most enjoyable events in the South of France calendar is ‘Les Voiles de St Tropez’, and it happens in late September, and early October when all the summer crowds have gone home, and the holidaymakers are back at work, and all the plastic gin palaces have been removed from one of the most famous harbours or ports in the world, St Tropez.

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Racing at St.Tropez

This article has been written with Parents and Grandparents in mind.  If a young member of your family is seeking inspiration or direction as what to do in a gap year or maybe they are not inclined to go to university then a career in the super yacht industry could be the answer.

Career Prospects in the Luxury Yacht Industry

The financial crisis of the past few years has exposed the widening gap between the richest and the poorest in a way that has not been shown in the past .
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Super Yacht Baton Rouge

The J Class Regattas in the UK this Summer.

This summer saw the return of J Class Yachts racing in two Regattas, with the first in Falmouth hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, from 26th -30th June, and the second in the Solent from the 18th-21st July, hosted by the Royal Southampton Yacht Club, and both regattas were huge successes with thousands of J Class enthusiasts following the races, and I was one of them.

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JH1 reaching