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One of the most enjoyable events in the South of France calendar is ‘Les Voiles de St Tropez’, and it happens in late September, and early October when all the summer crowds have gone home, and the holidaymakers are back at work, and all the plastic gin palaces have been removed from one of the most famous harbours or ports in the world, St Tropez.

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Racing at St.Tropez

We hear so much about economic gloom and the current climate that I find myself bored to taking alcohol.  I was always told in what I remember of geography lessons, that the climate in the British Isles was temperate and would always remain so.

However, let me get to the point.  The present economic situation has led us to a protracted period of low inflation, low interest and low returns. There has never been a better time to look outside the usual investments to see a sound, reliable and significant return. Read more…

Bentley MK6 Drophead