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One of Vermeer’s most celebrated paintings is being beautifully and sensitively illuminated using the new ArtLED lighting fitting designed and manufactured by the Light Projects Group.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ is an oil on canvass painting 44.5cm x 39cm and painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665 – 1667.  The lighting designers approached Light Projects to supply suitable lighting to carefully illuminate such a piece and the ArtLED was recommended as being most suitable


Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring

The ArtLED is the latest incarnation from the Raylight, a fitting originally designed created in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Art and which won a Millennium Product Award.  It uses state-of-the-art Xicato 1,300 lumen LEDs with a very high colour rendering of ≥ 95 giving works of art a perfect illumination without the risk of UV or other damage.  Xicato LEDs have been independently confirmed by industry experts as giving the highest quality colour rendering for paintings and object d’art, in the market today.

Spotlight ArtLed

Light Projects specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of lighting fittings and accessories for an extensive variety of interior and exterior lighting applications as well as bespoke lighting solutions for unique projects such as this.  With full manufacturing facilities in the UK  and working within tight conservation standards, the company has over 30 years’ experience of lighting with its fittings being used in the British Museum,  National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Sotheby’s, The V&A Museum and dozens of other museums and art galleries around the world.

Light Projects

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Monday, October 1st, 2012