Great Estates

Goodwood Estate is one of the finest lowland estates in Europe and has an organic home farm.  It occupies a beautiful corner of West Sussex with a varied landscape rising from the flat plain up to the hills on which the famous race course is sited.  This is generally regarded as the most beautiful racecourse in the world with stunning views across the Sussex Downs.  In recent years the estate has also become famous for its two major motoring events each year namely the Festival of Speed and the Revival Meeting.  The estate also boasts a motor racing track and an airfield and is the home to Rolls Royce Motor Cars whose factory is sited on the estate.  Other attractions include the Goodwood Hotel and the Goodwood Golf Club which boasts two beautiful 18 hole golf courses.  It is also home to  one of the best shoots in the country.

Goodwood House

Thursday, September 20th, 2012