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I am delighted to welcome Tricklebank Limited, and its Chairman, Martin Silcock as a new Business Member of The Vintage Magazine, not least because we have been looking for a quality, bespoke builder to advise our readers on renovation and restoration of existing buildings, and the demolition, and replacement of an existing building with a new one, and finally, ‘new build’ projects on suitable sites.

As we age, so our requirements for housing differ, but generally it is for specially designed homes for our retirement.  This could be on an existing plot or a new build on which planning consent can be obtained for our dream retirement home.

Having been something of a property developer in my day, including undertaking, and overseeing conversions of period barns and listed buildings, demolition and subsequent ‘new-build’ projects, I am painfully aware of the many ‘heffalump traps’ into which one can so easily fall.

When I first questioned Martin Silcock  about his business, I realised that here was a man who really understood the importance of a good working relationship between the client, the architect, and their chosen builder, and having looked at some of his projects, I can say with confidence that this is someone I, and our readers, ‘can do business with’.

So, if you want to learn more about the passion behind his company’s performance, then read Martin’s personal statement below, then visit the company’s website to see the extent of Tricklebank’s expertise, and I’m convinced you will be as impressed as us!

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It’s a Vision thing – One man’s Dream realised’

by Martin Silcock, Chairman of Tricklebank Limited


Tricklebank is quite an unusual name; there have been many people over the years who have said to me “where did the name come from’?

Well, in truth, I wanted an original name for my company that was also traditional and gave the confidence of a steady hand at the tiller.

What I did not want was a run-of-the-mill nondescript name that no one ever remembered!

So far at least I feel it has achieved its original purpose.

Anyone who has spent over twenty years building their business will understand and appreciate the blood sweat and tears, yes literally tears, that go into making your dream come alive and more importantly stay alive.

I started Tricklebank at the same time my daughter Tessa was born, and I reflect on the many similarities between fatherhood and owning your own company, the highs and lows which sometimes feel unending but we all know are the very essence of what we chose to do, and why we chose to do it.

If you are not passionate about what you do or do not have an unshakeable belief in yourself, or are unable to find that extra reserve of grit you need to get you over the line many times over, then running your own business especially in the construction and development sector may well not be for you.  It can be a very narrow lonely road at times but undeniably worth the effort.

I was born into an old established farming family based in the North West of England, and because of this quirk of fate I had the luxury of enjoying spending a great deal of my time as a young man in the Trough of Bowland  at “The Hill Farms” as they were known to me, located between the Lune Valley and Lancaster one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

I lived for months on end with the farm manager, Jack Pattinson and his family, enjoying helping on the fells with the sheep and cattle. I remember vividly being fascinated by all the farm buildings even from an early age, the huge timbers in the roof , like upside down galleons, the giant stone blocks holding them up, the riven flagstones on the floor worn smooth by decades of use, they looked like they would last for all time, I can truly say that I believe these memories have been the catalyst for what I do today.

Meols Wood Development of Four Country Homes

Meols Wood, Churchtown, Merseyside

An exclusive development of four country homes set in a conservation area. Designed and developed to reflect the local architecture, using quality materials and Tricklebank’s skilled time served tradesmen to ensure the homes blend seamlessly into the surroundings

I am passionate about what we do, I love what we do, that is not to say it all runs smoothly because it does not. Building beautiful homes can be the most difficult and angst ridden existence.  You are trying to achieve perfection for yourself and your client and nothing else will do.


I have scoured salvage yards for just the right oak beam with just the right curve, dismantled old unwanted church pews and had my carpenters make fireplace surrounds out of them, tramped around reclaim yards in blistering heat in the Luberon Valley looking for just the right stone for a certain hallway or kitchen and driven our bricklayers to the brink in order to achieve just the right colour of mortar.

Stable Conversion

Green End Farm, Chester, Cheshire

We have carried out many barn conversions, stable conversions, house renovations, new build homes, period homes, and contemporary homes over the years.

We have dismantled mills, barns and houses destined for demolition in order to save the precious materials they hold and re-use in new homes.

You cannot replicate the patina of an old oak, pine or stone floor re-laid in a new home, we have even sent several containers of 2½ inch handmade Tudor bricks to California for a client to build a courtyard and stable block as an addition to his home.

Infinity Pool by Tricklebank

When engaged by the client we would prefer to manage projects as the main contractor from demolition and site clearance to handing the keys over to the client on completion, working this way gives us control over all the elements of the build, and this is essential if we are to maintain budgets, timescales and quality.

At Tricklebank we do not claim to cater for all but we do claim to give our all for every project we are involved with.

Tricklebank - Grove Park

Grove Park – One of the most beautiful homes in the sought after village of Churchtown near Southport.  In August of 2009 we were asked to carry out substantial external and Internal renovation works to the property.

We are a bespoke niche builder of the very finest homes working on a one to one basis with the client to achieve their vision.

We have a saying at Tricklebank that is “There is only one way and that’s the right way”.

We have a very simple aim, to produce the best, and we are proud to be an award winning company for building excellence.’

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T: 01704 841831

F: 01704 840113

A: Tricklebank Limited, Orchard House, Halsall Business Park, Summerwood Lane, Halsall, Ormskirk L38 8TH

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Friday, August 1st, 2014