James Purdey was established in London in 1814, the year before the battle of Waterloo, and has always been at the forefront in its technological innovations, and was granted its first Royal Warrant in 1868 by The Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII.  Typical of its foresight was the purchase of James Woodward & Sons in 1949 because they had the original Patent for the first ‘over and under’ shotguns, which Purdey developed.  Like their great rivals, Holland & Holland, Purdey are now owned by a luxury goods company, Richemont.

James Purdey & Sons celebrate their 200th Anniversary next year in 2014 and are one of the oldest surviving gunsmiths (Gunmakers) and have acquired dozens of Royal Warrants over the years, and are probably the favourite gunmaker of the Aristocracy, not just in Britain, but throughout Europe.

Contact details:-  www.purdey.com

James Purdey & Sons Ltd,

Audley House

57-58 South Audley Street

London, W1K 2ED

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7499 1801