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‘I suppose society is wonderfully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy’.  Oscar Wilde

There is no better way to arrive at one of the events that make-up the English social Season than by helicopter.  It avoids the need to leave home two hours earlier than you should have to, just to avoid the traffic jams, and enables you to arrive at your destination looking well groomed and relaxed, although ladies are advised to wait until the rotor blades have come to a standstill if they do not want to have that famous ‘Bridget Jones’ convertible car look!

Agusta 109 outside Goodwood House

Agusta A109 Grand Power for VIP Charter

Elite Helicopters’ are based at Goodwood Airfield, and are Goodwood’s preferred Helicopter charter company, and frequently bring guests into Goodwood for all its most important events like the ‘Festival of Speed’ in July, and the Revival Meeting in September, as well as all the Race Meetings during the summer.

That means that they are used to descending into many other sporting events, and these are the services they offer for these events:

  • Royal Ascot
  • British Grand Prix, Silverstone
    • Shuttle service from Aynho, Oxfordshire direct to Silverstone
    • Bespoke charter service from a wide range of destinations direct to Silverstone
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
    • Shuttle service from Eashing to Goodwood
    • Bespoke charter service from hotels, airports and private site direct to Goodwood
  • Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final, Cowdray
    • Bespoke charter service direct to Cowdray
  • Glorious Goodwood
    • Bespoke charter service to the Racecourse Heliport
  • Goodwood Revival
    • Shuttle service from Eashing to Goodwood
    • Bespoke charter service from hotels, airports and private site direct to Goodwood

They are, of course, happy to provide quotations for flights to any other event, subject to the availability of landing sites.


Elite offer a wide range of charter services, from short wedding flights to flying people to business meetings, social events, sporting events, music festivals, shooting parties – the list is endless!

Elite have a broad range of helicopter types available for charter, to suit most requirements and budgets:

  • Robinson R44, single engine piston, 3 passengers (1)
  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger, single engine turbine, 4 passengers (2)
  • Bell 206 Long Ranger, single engine turbine, 6 passengers (1)
  • AS350 Squirrel, single engine turbine, 5 passengers (3)
  • Augusta 109, twin engine turbine, VIP, 6 passengers (5)

Other aspects of their business include:

Training Robinson Helicopters

Robinson R22 and R44 used for Training Purposes

They teach people to fly using the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 helicopter, enabling people to achieve their Private Pilot’s Licence initially.

Some of their students then progress to achieve their Commercial Pilot’s Licence, which enables them to earn a living as a helicopter pilot.   Bell Helicopters

Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Long Ranger Helicopters used for Charter and Pleasure Flights

Those that stay at the Private Pilot’s level either use the helicopter as a hobby, or use it for business to take them to business meetings, etc.  They also offer Type Rating training where they train pilots to fly different types of helicopter – the R22, R44, Jet Ranger / Long Ranger and the AS350 Squirrel. AS350 Single -Squirrel

AS350 Single Squirrel used for Charter Flights

Pleasure Flying

They provide helicopter pleasure flights at a variety of events including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Waddington Air Show, Shoreham Air Show, Isle of Man TT as well as many other smaller events.  They also offer sightseeing flights from Goodwood on a regular basis.  Details of all these flights are available from their online shop –

Trial Lessons

For those who would like to “have a go” at flying, rather than a sightseeing trip, they offer Trial Lessons in the Robinson R22 or R44.  They provide a briefing to explain the basics of how the helicopter flies, followed by a 20, 30 or 60 minute flight during which time the passenger would be invited to take the controls and fly the helicopter for them.

These are very popular as birthday and Christmas presents.  Details of these flights are available from their online shop –

Heliport Operations

Elite provide helicopter and passenger handling services at a number of events including the Farnborough Air Show and Helitech, the helicopter industry trade exhibition.

As you can imagine, Bill Leach, the Commercial Director, has his hands pretty full at this time of the year, but customers use their services throughout the year for transporting people to business meetings, and guests to shooting parties in far flung corners of the Kingdom, and to Skiing chalets in the Alps.

Wherever your destination, you can be assured of receiving a processional serve at Elite, and their contact details are below:

Bill Leach – Commercial Manager

Elite Helicopters

Hangar 3

Goodwood Aerodrome


West Sussex

PO18 0PH

Telephone: 01243 530165

Fax:  01243 539921



Company Registration No. 2974106

Monday, June 24th, 2013