To be absolutely honest, I have been thoroughly spoilt recently, having driven an Aston Martin Vanquish, A Rolls-Royce ‘Ghost’, extended wheelbase model, a Maserati GranCabrio Sport, and a Bentley Continental GT, so that when our Business Member, The Ridgeway Group, offered us a new ‘C’ Class Mercedes-Estate to test drive, I was feeling a ‘little grand’ for what I imagined would be a rather sedate estate.

How wrong can you be? This new C-Class Estate, exudes restrained good taste, but such genteel appearance disguises the beast beneath the bonnet.

Mercedes C Class Diesel Estate

We had the Diesel engine which was incredibly responsive, and very quick. To quote the Mercedes brochure, ‘Rarely has the sensible choice been so appealing’,  and I agree!

With engines that deliver responsive performance, and an optional Driving Assistance package that further reduces risk, the C-Class gets you to your destination swiftly and safely, and if, like me, you cannot resist pushing things to the limit, this diesel engine will not disappoint; it is bursting with power, and wants to perform for you.

There is a saying ‘I may look like a Mercedes, but I drive like a Maserati’, and the ‘C’ Class does, within its limitations.

Detail images of Mercedes C Class Diesel Estate

A Mercedes Estate is the sort of car that a successful man buys to transport his family in style and safety, and usually, with the minimum of excitement!

However, with the advent of this new ‘C’ Class range you can have a lot of fun getting from A to B, and the diesel engine model which we had was a real revelation.

Diesel engines have come of age, and are now quieter, and more powerful than ever, and you certainly do not need to sacrifice speed for safety; you can have both!

In fact, the power in this diesel engine is enough to get anyone out of trouble, and it hides it well, so that the overall impression is one of unrestrained power deliverable in double-quick time.

Mercedes C Class Estate a perfect family car

As you will see from the photos, I tried my grandchildren in it for size, and they both loved it.  It is the ideal car for a young family, because it is quiet and comfortable, safe and sound, but still retains a mean streak when you ask it to perform.

We must thank the Ridgeway Group for giving us the opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary quality of engineering which typifies Mercedes, only now they are much more fun to drive, and incredibly comfortable, and this diesel engine is possibly the best I have driven.

As a Marque, Mercedes are going from strength to strength, so ‘Beware’ all competitors!

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Robert JarmanReview of the Mercedes C Class Diesel Estate written by Robert Jarman, Editor and Founder of The Vintage Magazine

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013