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Lainston House is one of a small group of ‘Exclusive Hotels’, owned by the Pecorelli family.

Exclusive Hotels is one of the most respected family-owned hotel groups in the UK, and they celebrated their 30th Anniversary in 2011, during which time it has transformed the image of the country house hotel and set standards for others to follow.

The Pecorelli dynasty began in 1981 when founder Giuseppe, a former Director of the Trusthouse Forte Group, purchased the Pennyhill Park Hotel at Bagshot in Surrey.

Over the next ten years, the family added three more impressive hotels and two golf clubs to their portfolio and such has been the high quality of their efforts that all four hotels are ranked among the AA’s Top 200 and hold four or five star ratings.

Danny Pecorelli, who trained at the Savoy Hotel in London and worked in prestige hotels in the United States, had carried on the traditionally high standards set by his father who is now Chairman of the group which has a £40million annual turnover.

He has laid great emphasis on his hotel restaurants having what he calls a “stand alone” reputation with the ability to attract clientele in their own right and not just as obligatory hotel facilities.  As a result, both Pennyhill Park and the Manor House have earned Michelin stars for their cuisine.

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Sunday, February 17th, 2013