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The Vintage Magazine is delighted to introduce a new business member, Caroline Nickerson’s company, ‘Cherry Picked Coffee’ which specialises in producing the finest Arabica coffee, and to celebrate, she is kindly offering our readers a special discount on their first order (see below)

Caroline explains what inspired her:

‘Having recently set up a speciality coffee business, born from a childhood love of coffee, a whole new world of flavours and aromas has opened up to me and they are very different from the smell and taste of the ‘Italian’ coffee my mother used to brew in our 70s percolator at home.

It’s fitting that my first business venture is into speciality Arabica coffee.  I spent 10 years skiing up various mountains (Arabica coffee beans love altitude too), pursued a corporate career (drank copious amounts to stay awake) and desperately tried to stay fit by mountain biking (caffeine makes you pedal faster uphill), all of which culminated in a desire to find out more about this incredible substance that fuels my life!

I chose our name, Cherry Picked Coffee, not only to reflect the uniqueness of our product but also to champion the coffee “cherry”, the fruit in which the coffee bean is grown and a key differentiator in the taste of your cup of coffee!

Cherry Picked Coffee - coffee cherries above Lake Toba in Sumatra

Coffee Cherries above Lake Toba where our Sumatran Lintong is grown

At Cherry Picked Coffee, we know how each coffee cherry was cultivated, picked and processed.  It can be fully traced back to a single estate and we only buy from expert growers who are committed to investing more into producing a better crop.  One way the Santa Barbara Estate in Colombia achieves this is by educating and incentivising their entire workforce to pick for quality rather than quantity.  Only the coffee cherries harvested at optimum ripeness are chosen for our La Joyeria coffee grown on there.

Cherry Picked Coffee - Cherry Pickers on the Santa Barbara Estate Columbia

Cherry Pickers on the Santa Barbara Estate, Colombia

Just like fine wines, a whole host of factors contribute towards producing speciality coffee.  As a result, it tends to be clean with a sweet aftertaste and has a distinct characteristic.  In fact, it is said that there are even more unique flavours and aromas in coffee than there are in wine!

The quality and flavour of coffee is judged at farms and roasteries all over the world via a rigorous practice called “cupping”.  Coffees are sniffed, sipped and slurped and given marks out of 100 on attributes such as taste, aroma, body, mouthfeel and acidity.  (In coffee, acidity is a desirable quality and means refreshing, sparkling or lively).  Any coffee that scores an average of 80 points or more is considered speciality and will be sold for a higher value.

Cherry Picked Coffee Artisan Taster Pack

Cherry Picked Coffee Artisan Taster Pack

After all this effort that is taken to produce and find an exceptional coffee, the last thing we want to do is ruin it by getting the roast all wrong!  So we work with artisan roastmasters who hand roast all our beans to order and use their expertise to bring out the flavours and characteristics of each individual coffee.

So whether you want to treat your coffee like a fine wine and seek out the subtle hazelnut-like aroma or the lemon zesty taste, or you simply need a decent cup for that all important adrenaline buzz, I can guarantee that you will be far from disappointed if you pick one of ours!

We would be delighted to offer readers of The Vintage Magazine a 15% discount off their first order of our freshly roasted speciality coffee.  Please use voucher code VINTAGE1 at checkout.  To find out more and to order your coffee go to

Written by Caroline Nickerson, Director of Cherry Picked Coffee Ltd.



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Monday, February 24th, 2014