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Garnered by collectors and connoisseurs alike, the global demand for Chateau wines has enormously increased over the years, as it has successfully turned out to be a safe haven for investors.

For the note of fine wine investors, one of the world’s most celebrated, distinguished and most expensive wine, Chateau Pétrus has now been dubbed as the ‘king of wine investment’ by Christie’s wine specialist Anthony Hanson at the Fine and Rare Wine Specialist course in Vienna’s Palais Coburg on July 2nd.

Before declaring Chateau Pétrus as the king, Hanson assessed the price performance of a range of collectible and top wine labels, and figured out that Pétrus has yielded 14% of average annual return all the way through bull and bear markets.

However, we have also earlier seen that Pétrus vintage 1961 wine lot was sold for a record-breaking $144,000 at Christie’s wine auction.

Chateau Petrus Named King of Wine Investments

Thursday, August 9th, 2012