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Jessica Russell Flint


The name of William Russell Flint has acquired iconic status in the Art world as a talented artist who is, perhaps unfairly, best known for painting semi naked ladies in classical poses, which were immensely sought-after, and  acquired ‘cult  status’ in his lifetime, so much so that he was Knighted for his efforts.

His son, Francis was also an accomplished artist, but preferred striking Architecture and superb landscapes, although he could paint portraits if needed, and he was also commissioned to paint Warships in action in the Second World War, and sail training ships like the Sir Winston Churchill.

However, by the time the artistic genes had been passed on to Sir William’s Grandson, Simon, they were not as powerful, and after ‘dabbling’ in the art world for a while, he made the very sensible decision to become a criminal Barrister, and his meteoric career has fully justified this decision, and he was made Queen’s Council in 2004.

He married his childhood sweetheart, the impossibly beautiful Jaqi Verden, who resembled one of William Russell Flint’s models.  Jaqi went to Art School, and designed highly individual leather clothing, which she sold to Harrods and many other London stores.

Jaqi brought her own talents to the Russell Flint artistic dynasty, and she and Simon produced a daughter, Jessica and a son, Freddie.

Jessica definitely inherited her Mother’s artistic legacy and has created the foundations of fashion empire under her own name, designing an impressive range of distinctive clothes and accessories, which are fast becoming a powerful new international brand in this highly competitive market.

In the past year Jessica has managed to get her range into a long list of quality retail outlets throughout the UK, the USA and in Europe, including Australasia, New Zealand and Canada, and her business is on the cusp of breaking into many profitable new territories, and creating a hugely successful international fashion label.

Sir William Russell Flint and Pablo Picasso both had beautiful and talented granddaughters who have brought great honour to the family name, and created successful businesses in their own right, whilst benefitting from their family names.

Jessica is the first person to acknowledge her debt to Sir William Russell Flint, and Francis Russell Flint, and also to her Mother, Jaqi, who has so clearly influenced Jessica’s strikingly colourful designs.

Jessica is married to a very supportive husband called Ben, who may find himself being her guiding hand, just as Bernard Ashley was for his wife, ‘Laura Ashley’, or Gordon Roddick who supported his wife Anita so well at Bodyshop.

After all, behind every successful Woman is, a great man and I am sure that Ben will he will be there for Jessica, as she faces all the challenges ahead, but hopefully it will also be an exciting and rewarding ‘journey’.

Since we are half way through the year and thoughts of long hot sunny days on the beach are occupying our minds, here is a small selection of Jessica Russell Flint’s impressive stock that should become part of your Summer essentials:-


Perfect beach style!  Giant cotton sarongs in four different eye catching designs. Lightweight and perfect for covering up and relaxing in on the beach or exploring in the sun! £65




Waterproof beach bags perfect for any summer holiday or for just a walk in the park! £115.  Made from waxed canvas and vegan leather

  • Length 60cm, Width 24cm, Height 45cm




These sailcloth waist bags have gold and silver vegan leather waist belts so you can get them wet without damage! Perfect for holidays and festivals – even over 50s go to festivals!!  Made from durable waxed canvas, vegan leather belt and buckle. Sturdy zip line, fully waterproof and roomy.  £62

Monday, May 29th, 2017