PSI is a modern security company that is grounded in decades of military experience shared by all operatives and management. A member of Protection Group International, PSI provides executive protection, due diligence, surveillance and risk consulting for businesses, individuals and international organisations.  Its market-leading offering is supported by time-tested principles, state-of-the-art equipment and distinguished former military and law enforcement personnel. Professionalism, ethical standards, legal and operational knowledge, and a defined code of conduct govern all PSI operations, without being dogmatic and inflexible. These are the ingredients of a truly bespoke, client-focused approach.


Steve hands on duty during the Olympics 2012 in London

Steve Hands on duty at the London 2012 Olympics


The PSI Approach

In a world full of potential security risks, every corporation, international organisation, family and individual has unique concerns. That’s why every PSI approach is bespoke. A detailed security and risk assessment identifies all possible threats. The resulting security strategy is discreet and effective – without causing unnecessary disruption to the client’s lifestyle or business. PSI operatives are carefully matched to each assignment. They are selected for their personal attributes, as well as their professional expertise, and all personnel are highly qualified, vetted and trained beyond industry best practice and accreditation. This approach allows PSI to deliver a comprehensive range of services to meet every client’s needs

Protection Services for Business

Securing competitive advantage

Confidential information, infrastructure and employees all have the potential to be exploited. Left unchecked, this can damage reputation, profitability and competitive advantage.  In developing a robust security plan, PSI understands each client’s operations and human resources, as well as their competitive environment. This approach ensures all risks are accounted for; no single element is underestimated. PSI’s targeted countermeasures can track and recover assets, safeguard company information and property, and secure brand equity. In the longer term, PSI services can prevent on-going security breaches through surveillance, evidence gathering and due legal process.  Discretion is paramount at all times

Protection Services for the Individuals

Exceptional lives require exceptional services

PSI’s close protection services cover the full spectrum of requirements for individuals, families and entourages. This includes the threat of kidnap, extortion, terrorism, politically motivated violence, illegal intrusion and unwanted contact from the public. PSI’s detailed security and risk assessment can uncover risks in data privacy, international travel, residential security, staff vetting and training. By understanding the client’s internal values, as well as their vulnerabilities, PSI is able to select exactly the right operatives to marry seamlessly into the client’s personal environment. Through interrogating information and interpreting risks correctly, PSI mitigates threats before they arise. Foresight and prevention is absolute priority.

Protection Services for International Organisations

Achieve organisational aims without obstruction

NGOs, international organisations and charities all face complex challenges when operating in foreign environments. Protecting staff morale, safety in-the-field, and reputation is an absolute requirement, yet any security plan must work alongside the wider organisational objectives. PSI tailors solutions which help organisations achieve aims without obstruction. This may include international close protection, compound security, due diligence, surveillance, supply line and critical infrastructure protection. Every bespoke security plan starts with a detailed security and risk assessment. The resulting security approach is evidence informed, culturally sensitive and legally compliant. This keeps people and reputations safe in the most challenging of environments.

Security Consultancy

PSI understands the many security risks that face businesses and how to protect what matters most: profitability, reputation and competitive advantage.  PSI’s security and risk assessment ensures that intelligent analysis, attention to detail and careful practice underpin every bespoke security strategy. Assessments may include the evaluation of residential and vacation properties, business premises, professional sporting venues and other public arenas, as well as travel itineraries, transport options and logistics.

PSI combines a client-focused approach with careful practice and modern thinking to deliver truly bespoke security solutions

Executive Protection

Executive protection secures people, assets and reputations, as required by executives, NGOs, government organisations, private individuals and their families. This may encompass residential security, travel and logistics. Within a family environment, the optional placement of a close protection officer can mitigate threats such as kidnapping, theft and intrusion. This also provides a dedicated, secure liaison for principals and their advisors at all times.

Due Diligence & Surveillance

PSI is equipped to undertake physical and technical surveillance, along with overt and covert investigations, to supplement close protection tasking. PSI utilises the very latest equipment and technology, which is operated by highly experienced former military and law enforcement personnel. Technical surveillance countermeasures include monitoring equipment and anti-hacking devices. PSI’s cyber defence strategies can both mitigate risk and deny successful interference and engagement.

Infrastructure Protection & Event Security

Dedicated, highly trained individuals provide critical infrastructure protection and event security. PSI services include analysis and assessment, surveillance, installation protection and assessment, and control room operations.

Training & Awareness

PSI offers bespoke training and awareness courses, including conflict recognition and management; personal and companion security; surveillance awareness and counter measures; risk recognition, management and mitigation; Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Training; and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) identification and counselling. One-on-one and group training ranges from improving basic awareness in relatively safe locations, to working and operating in hostile environments

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