Snow Finel ski sweaters look amazing and perform fantastically on or off the slopes. The fine Merino wool they use is luxuriously soft, while being warm, breathable and light. Cut to fit and flatter, their sweaters are an ideal winter mid layer, or can be worn without a jacket in spring. And they put the fun into functional with details like contrasting shoulder and elbow patches.


All the garments are designed by Louise Waldron, the founder of Snow Finel, and made in the UK something Louise is very proud of as she feels very strongly about supporting British industry.


Snow Finel Ski Wear mid layer tops


 All the garments are made from high quality merino wool.

Merino has fantastic qualities as a fibre to wear for sport.

  • It naturally regulates the wearer’s body temperature.
  • It wicks moisture but doesn’t cool the wearer.
  • It retains heat but you won’t ever overheat in it!
  • An added bonus is it never smells.




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Snow Finel Ski Wear Made in UK




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