Shooting has changed beyond all recognition since the turn of the last century when it was very much the preserve of the aristocracy and landed gentry and, to all intents, a private leisure pursuit.  Today, it is a much more commercial entity and, while open to a far wider audience and thus having enjoyed something of a renaissance, it has enabled many landowners to offset the enormous costs of running a shoot by selling days and, in turn, opening up opportunities to some of the country’s finest properties to which most people would not normally have personal access.

As one of the UK’s premier providers of field sports, Roxtons has been at the forefront of UK and worldwide shooting for over 30 years, organising days of driven game shooting for partridge, pheasants and grouse on many of the UK’s finest estates.  Roxtons has exclusive access to several of Britain’s premier shoots – many of which have stately homes where guns are often welcomed by the estate’s owner for meals or overnight stays.

The company also runs the world’s largest ‘roving syndicate’ and informal club arrangement which access to more than 50 partridge and pheasant days per season and where clients can take just one gun or part of a line without having to make larger commitments than they would wish.  It is the biggest and longest-standing roving syndicate of its type in the world.

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2012